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Accented Glory

Africa Fabric Hoop Earrings

Africa Fabric Hoop Earrings

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Accented Glory's Africa fabric hoop earrings are large hoop earrings that are light weight. These statement earrings are definitely conversation starters! They display the Pan-African colors of Black, red, green, and yellow. Black: For the people of Africa and African Diaspora. Yellow: The wealth and beauty of Africa’s land and it’s people and descendants. Green: The abundant and fertile natural wealth of Africa. Red: The blood that unites all people of Africa and African Diaspora. In addition to blood shed for liberation. Length ~ 3 1/2 inches Width ~3 inches (See measurement photos) **Note: Accented Glory's designs are handcrafted. The design you purchase may have a unique slight variation form the designed pictured due to pattern of the fabric.**

  • Measurement - Length ~3 1/2 inches Width ~3 inches
  • Material - Nickle Free Fishhook Ear Wire, Memory Wire, Genuine African Fabric, Authentic Cowrie Shells
  • Style - Light Weight, Afrocentric, Pan-African
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